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DNS Flag Day 2020

The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most critical services for the daily functioning of the Internet. It allows names to be resolved into IP addresses and vice versa through a hierarchical system of distributed servers. As a prelude to the DNS Flag day 2020, a study was conducted to assess the EDNS and TCP readiness level of authoritative DNS servers (Name Server - NS) on reverse zones of IP addresses allocated by AFRINIC to its members and authoritative servers of African ccTLD domains. Such a study makes it possible to assess the level of DNS compliance in Africa with good practices related to EDNS, but also to highlight various related aspects of good practices and DNS standards such as location, geographic distribution, resilience, and IPv6 accessibility or reachability of these authoritative servers.

Community Engagement: Strategic Plan 2021-2023

We are pleased to inform you that we are in the final leg of developing AFRINIC’s Strategic Plan 2021-2023. Please see the final draft here (


Countdown to AIS’20 Online: Are you looking forward to AIS’20 Online as we are?

AIS’20 Online is approaching fast. AIS staff is currently busy with the preparations for the first virtual Africa Internet Summit conference to be held from 14 to 18 September 2020 at 0900-1300 UTC. AIS’20 Online registration closed on 6 September and recorded more than 690 participants registered on our platform.


Here is what we have in store for you

Prior to the meeting proper, we have planned the Newcomers Session on 11 September 2020 at 0900-1300 UTC. This is a session for delegates attending the meeting for the first time. The session will provide updates from AFRINIC, the services the organisation offers, the Internet ecosystem, the African Internet community, Internet number resources management, policy development, some current initiatives like AFRINIC’s fellowship programme. ISOC and ICANN have also been invited to participate and will also present on their activities.

1) AfNOG Day

A lot is lined up during AFNOG Day on 14 September. Andrew Sullivan, CEO and President Internet Society will give the Goodwill message during the Opening. This will be followed by a very interesting panel on 50 Years of the Internet. The session will also have former ICANN Board Chair and Author RFC-1, Steve Crocker, and Prof. Nii Quaynor. The session will be moderated by Adiel Akplogan, the former CEO of AFRINIC and currently the Vice President for Technical Engagement at ICANN. This will be followed by updates by regional NOGs. Simon Mayoye, Christian Nzhie, Edem Kobla Nunekpeku, Isabela Odida and Sara Alamin will give the updates.

This session will be followed by a technical panel moderated by Alan Barrett. Sara Armstrong from ISOC will be presenting on The Internet Society Foundation: Overview and new Programs of interest to Africa. There will also be a presentation on Internet Measurement by Mat Ford and David Belson of ISOC, Cloud Africa by Danny Afahounko and LDPv6 In The Real World by Mark Tinka.

Alain Aina will close the day with a panel discussion on the Future of AfNOG.


2) AF* Day

Organisations constituting the African Internet ecosystem or the AF* will provide updates to delegates on their activities on 15 September.

The history of these institutions will also be highlighted by Pierre Dandjinou after which there will be an open interaction with the community moderated by Alain Aina.


3) Policy Meeting

Policy discussions will take place on 16 and 17 September. Among others, policy proposals will be discussed. These include:

  1. Simple PDP Update for the new Normal -AFPUB-2020-GEN-003-DRAFT01
  2. PDP Working Group (WG) Guidelines and Procedures AFPUB-2020-GEN-002-DRAFT01
  3. Board Prerogatives on the PDP AFPUB-2020-GEN-004-DRAFT01
  4. Policy Compliance Dashboard AFPUB-2020-GEN-001-DRAFT01
  5. Chairs Elections Process AFPUB-2019-GEN-007-DRAFT02
  6. Impact Analysis is Mandatory AFPUB-2019-GEN-005-DRAFT01
  7. Abuse Contact Policy Update AFPUB-2018-GEN-001-DRAFT06
  8. RPKI ROAs for Unallocated and Unassigned AFRINIC Address Space AFPUB-2019-GEN-006-DRAFT02
  9. AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy AFPUB-2019-GEN-002-DRAFT02
  10. Resource Transfer Policy AFPUB-2019-V4-003-DRAFT01


4) Elections and Annual General Members Meeting (AGMM)

The last day of the AGMM will begin with a Board Community Engagement session followed by AFRINIC General Members Meeting.

AFRINIC will hold several elections namely for the Policy Development Working Group co-chair, NRO/NC ASO AC, Governance Committee and Board positions.


5) Live Streaming

AIS'20 will be streamed live on the AFRINIC YouTube and Facebook channels. Be sure to follow and subscribe:


We look forward to welcoming you to AIS’20 Online.


The code of conduct: safeguarding the processes that built the Internet

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"The beating heart of this community is our continued dialogue: an open, respectful discussion on matters of importance to the African Internet community. Our strength comes from the range of experience, views and knowledge that all participants bring to the table. The code of conduct is there to safeguard not only the individuals involved in policy discussions and the staff that implement these policies but also the consensus-based policy development process itself." Eddy Kayihura, AFRINIC Chief Executive Officer



IPv6 Strategy and Planning Virtual Workshop for Decision and Policymakers

Are you an executive, manager or policymaker who wants to:

  • Put your company, your country and this continent on the Internet development map?
  • Help pull the country out of the digital Siberia of IPv4 and help the country set up a foundation for Internet development based on IPv6?

Then this unique virtual course is for you. Together with our partners, we’ve trained about 10,000 engineers from almost every country on this continent. But in 2016, when we asked them why they had not initiated or deployed IPv6, the number two reason was “management”.

Registration for the Elections of PDP Co-Chair and NRO NC Opens

"We are pleased to inform you that the Registration for the Elections of PDP Co-Chair and NRO NC opens today and closes at 19:59 UTC on 6 September 2020." Election Committee 



Misappropriation of IP addresses in the AFRINIC region

court blog slide2


"We take this matter extremely seriously and have been following due diligence processes to ensure that we have sufficient evidence for the ongoing cases described below. We welcome any additional information regarding these cases from members or the wider Internet community as long as this information is provided in a constructive manner and through the proper channels." Eddy Kayihura, AFRINIC Chief Executive Officer


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