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Through the Journey of AFRINIC:

A story of resilience

23 July 2021 - 23 July 2023:
Two years of challenges and RESILIENCE

As we mark this anniversary of a challenging period in our history, we reflect on the obstacles faced and the unwavering support received from stakeholders. It has been a journey of resilience, standing together, and navigating through tough moments, yet AFRINIC's commitment to providing excellent service to its members and sustaining the growth of the Internet in Africa has remained steadfast.
On 23rd July 2021, AFRINIC's bank accounts were unexpectedly frozen following a case initiated by Cloud Innovation Ltd. The accounts remained frozen for nearly three months leading to staff being uncertain about their salaries. During this difficult period, AFRINIC received immense support from various stakeholders, including fellow Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), the Number Resource Organization (NRO), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the Internet Society (ISOC), and many other friends of AFRINIC. This collective support played a critical role in enabling us to weather the storm.

The challenges continued as AFRINIC faced legal battles resulting in an inquorate board since 14 June 2022, a CEO whose contract was not able to be considered for renewal and unforeseen adversities, stretching our resilience to its limits. More information on the cases is available at

Despite the uncertainties and a lack of CEO, our dedicated staff worked tirelessly to maintain excellent service for our members and ensure the continuity of Internet development initiatives in the region.
AFRINIC's role in sustaining the growth of the Internet in Africa is instrumental and
has a far-reaching impact on Africa’s development and economic growth.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:


AFRINIC oversees the allocation and management of Internet number resources, such as IPv4, IPv6, and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), ensuring equitable distribution to network operators and organisations.

Internet Routing Registry

AFRINIC operates an IRR, enabling network operators to publish and retrieve routing policies and reachability information, enhancing routing security and stability.

Resource Public Key Infrastructure

AFRINIC promotes the adoption of RPKI, a security framework that enhances the validation and verification of Internet number resource ownership, improving routing security.

Reverse DNS

AFRINIC manages reverse DNS zones, associating IP addresses with domain names, enabling effective IP address to domain name resolution.

Internet Development

AFRINIC actively supports various initiatives that promote Internet development, digital inclusion, and capacity-building efforts across the region.


AFRINIC conducts workshops, training sessions, and webinars to enhance the technical expertise of network operators, facilitating the smooth operation of Internet infrastructure.
However, Our journey is not without challenges. As we approach 20th September 2023, AFRINIC finds itself facing a critical juncture - an impending absence of a resident director, a scenario that goes against the Companies Act in Mauritius.
Unity, collaboration, and shared responsibility are now more crucial than ever. We call upon our members, stakeholders, and the wider Internet community to join hands and support AFRINIC in charting a path forward. Together, we will find solutions to the complex challenges ahead and redefine AFRINIC's future.
AFRINIC remains committed to serving its community and advancing Internet development in Africa. We recognise the transformative role of the Internet in driving economic and social progress, and we are dedicated to ensuring that Africa fully harnesses its potential.
As we navigate this period of transformation, let us draw strength from our collective determination to build a stronger and more resilient AFRINIC.
Together, we will continue to thrive and forge a brighter future for the Internet community in the region.