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AFRINIC Members Connect 2022: Event Wrap

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The African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) has concluded the ‘’AFRINIC Members Connect' held from 22 - 24 November 2022.

The theme of the online meeting was “Educate and Network", and it was an opportunity to engage with our Members. 398 participants registered for the meeting, while 214 participants from 45 countries attended the event. 187 AFRINIC members' organisations, representing around 9% of our members, participated in the meeting. For this event, we achieved an NPS of 40.54. The event featured a rich lineup of speakers with technical presentations, testimonies, and AFRINIC activity updates. The presentations focused on improving the Internet in the AFRINIC service region. We also engaged with the audience during these presentations; overall, the event earned an NPS of 40.5!

Our best speaker at the event earned an NPS score of 80!
Figure 1: Participants by country
The online event was held using the zoom platform, and we offered simultaneous interpretation in both English and French and facilitated interactions between participants and speakers.

Website statistics

We received 650 visitors from 10 countries, on the event website.

Event website:
The agenda of the event published here listed the following sessions:

22 November 2022

The event consisted of Technical Presentations:
  1. Digital Economy, Cyber Threats, Data Privacy Laws, and regulations. | Slides | Video
  2. African cctlds and name server resilience. | Slides | Video
  3. AfTLD update | Slides | Video
  4. Routing Security: IRR and MANRS | Slides | Video  
  5. Do we still need an IRR? | Slides | Video
The recap of this day is available here.

23 November 2022

 The following Technical presentations were conducted on the second Tech Day.
  1. A WS Cloud Adoption framework | Slides | Video
  2. Fintech blueprint on AWS | Slides | Video
  3. Tech Capsule: Peering best practices | Slides | Video
  4. Managing your route server with IXP Manager | Slides | Video
  5. The role of community networks in bridging the last mile in Africa | Slides | Video
  6. A vision of the NoG ecosystem in the AFRINIC service region | Slides | Video
The recap of this day is available here.

24 November 2022

The last day of the Members Connect event was dedicated to AFRINIC updates, a session dedicated to sharing success stories from our membership, and a presentation on cybersecurity.
  1. Cybersecurity, everywhere you need it | Slides | Video
  2. Success story from Jean-Françis Ahanda | Video
  3. AFRINIC Updates  | Video
The recap of this day is available here.

A median NPS of 23.16 was achieved for the speakers.

We take the opportunity to thank all our speakers for their participation and our members for attending the first Members Connect Event.

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